What if you could have everything you need to know about how to create, plot, and finally FINISH your fiction novel, laid out for you in a STEP-BY-STEP plan? 

This is your plan, designed by your writing coach...

... Even if you have so many ideas to write about and no clue how to pull them all together into one novel.  

… Even if you aren’t sure you have enough content to create a full-length novel. 

… Even if don’t know where the story’s going or even what genre it’s in.  

... Even if you feel like you have NO discipline and your writing time is always pushed to the end of your to-do list.  

... Even if you struggle with self-doubt… Will people actually read it?  

... Even if you've tried to write before and walked away from your book, frustrated.  

So many people before you have written books. What did they do? They followed a proven, tested, tried-and-true PLAN for writing their book.  

"I didn't feel like I knew enough to write a book, and every time I would write down something, my brain would say, This is awful, nobody is going to read this, you might as well give this up.  

This class gave so much amazing and helpful information about delving in deep with your characters and figuring out the end of my book!"


What if a publisher could give you all the insider's secrets of how to become a successful author?

Hi, there! I’m Morgan Gist MacDonald, founder and CEO of Paper Raven Books. I’ve also been a writing coach since 2007, helping authors write the first drafts of their books and navigate publishing, launching, and marketing their books as successful authors.  

I’ve written my own bestslling book, too, which has been instrumental in growing my publishing company, which now consistently helps authors write and publish 20+ books per year. 

But I noticed something that really bothered me in the book world...  

Tons of online courses have been popping up, promising to help you write and publish your bestselling book in a weekend or 30 days or 90 days.  

These courses claim to teach the book process, from the very beginning stage of choosing a book topic and writing the entire book, all the way to publishing, launching, and marketing.  

So, I bought these courses, out of curiosity, and to see if any of them would be worth recommending to my own writing groups.  

Nearly all of these other "book" courses follow a super unhelpful pattern:  

They talk about how important a book is to building your business or platform. They show how to create a simple mind map or outline. They say, “Now, write the book.” Then, they dive straight into publishing, launching, and marketing.  

Wait, wait, wait. What if someone is having trouble with getting from book idea to outline to finished book? And what if, “Write the book” isn’t enough guidance?  

I created our comany's nonfiction writing class (Ready To Write), which has helped hundreds of authors start and finish their nonfiction books. 

And then, I brought in our power-house fiction coach, Jennifer Vander Klipp Crosswhite, to create our fiction class for our author community.  

What if a professional writing coach could mentor you in the craft of high-quality fiction writing?

Jennifer Crosswhite is a veteran of the traditional publishing industry, having worked for imprints like Zondervan for over 20 years before coming to work with Paper Raven Books.  

Jennifer has personally written and published 9 novels and earned over 100 four-and-five-star reviews on Amazon. She is also our head of coaching and has coached hundreds of authors through novels—individually, in groups, and in seminars.  

She has taken her tried-and-true methods for helping writers craft bestselling novels into a fiction class that brings together the theory of what makes good fiction and the practice of how to get the words on the page so that the story flows, from start to finish. .  

The Novel Blueprint Method Deep Dive Class 

A fiction book-writing class on how to create emotionally engaging characters, sequence page-turning scenes, and bring plot lines together in surprising ways so the reader stays hooked till the end





The Novel Blueprint Method Deep Dive Class is not for every writer or for every book. We are teaching the principles of high-quality, page-turning fiction. This type of strategy is perfect for: 

  • First-time authors who are struggling to plot their first novel
  • Authors who have the first novel in a series and want to continue the series
  • Writers in any fiction genre: general, literary, historical, romance, sci-fi, fantasty
  • Memoirists who want to write deep characters and craft compelling plot lines
  • Children's books authors who want to hone dialogue and age-appropriate plots
  • Poetry and prose writers who want to include characters in their work  

This course is not for non-fiction writers.  

This is not the course for people who just want to hire a book-in-a-box company.  

This is not for people who want to jump straight to publishing and marketing.  

In this course, we are zero-ing in on writing and how to write high quality fiction novels that pull the reader in, offer a space for escape and imagination, and transform the reader's world.  

If you want this novel to become a foundation to your author career, then let’s do this together.  



How to craft believable characters who move the story along with desires and motivations and actions that make sense to your reader.

How to add depth and emotion to your characters so your readers will love them and hate them. Your reader will want your protagonist to overcome the struggle and find victory, cheering your character along at every scene. And your reader will love hating your villain, hoping the villain meets doom but hanging on with suspense to see if it will ever happen. 

How to create dynamics between characters to create suspense, drama, and uncertainty. Your characters will act together to move the story forward in surprising, unpredictable ways.

How to make sure you have enough content (good content!) to, not only write the Intro and Chapter 1, but to fill a full-length, page-turning, exciting novel. 

How to create enough scenes to get out of the intro and deeper into the plot. You’ll have a framework for adding scenes with intrigue, leaving room for the reader room to work some elements out for themselves, to keep the reader turning pages to find out what will happen next. 

How to choose what order things should happen in, giving the reader enough information so that the plot makes sense, but how to know what information to hold for later so that the reader continues guessing and wanting more

How to “show” instead of “tell” so that your reader feels like they’ve sunk into an entirely new world when they’re in the pages of your book. 

How to put together dialogue that sounds real, not cheesy. 

How to pull together plot lines so they don’t feel contrived. The secret is in sequencing out each character’s action + reaction + decision, so that when the character’s decisions collide, the drama and uncertainty of “what’s going to happen?!?” feels like a natural consequence.  

And much, much more!  

What our writers are saying...

“I find the Action-Reaction schema to be very helpful in mapping scenes and showing the development of characters. I need structure to get my creative juices flowing, and this class provided lots of grounded ideas about structure."  

—John Rude

“I am super busy right now with my job and so, my writing was constantly being pushed to the back burner, but having a process that is clearly laid out helps me pick up where I left off without having to go back to the beginning. I am much more confident in my writing now!"  

—Lara Piper 

PLUS, Our Private Author's Community  

12-month access to ongoing support, feedback, and fun, to keep you motivated and on track in your writing, day-after-day, week-after-week

In this private author community, you get access to:  

Myself, our writing coaches, and other writers in a private Facebook group. Get feedback when you’re making a big decision in your writing, so that you’re not constantly taking one step forward, two steps back. If you’ve ever had the experience of writing a few chapters, then change something major, so you have to redo a lot of work, how amazing would it be to have other writers and writing coaches to ask for their feedback before you scrap a ton of writing?  

Our live workshops, with Q&A and hot seats. This rhythm of regular accountability will help you finally stick to your deadlines because when you get distracted and frustrated because progress has been slow, we’ll be there to encourage you to drop the perfectionism and stop rewriting Chapter 1 for the twelfth time. (We’ve all been there! ;) 

Fun with other writers! No one else in your life really gets why the hell you want to write this book, do they? We do. We absolutely get your drive to write and publish. And we want to share that funny writer's memes to make you laugh out loud or host a pop-up power writing session, just to keep all of us having fun and focused—together.  

Exclusive content about what Paper Raven Books is testing behind-the-scenes for book launches and book marketing. How are other authors actually publishing and launching? We share the details of what's really working for independently published authors, right now. 

$1,164 per year


"I love when our author group pops ups on my Facebook feed ! I love that we can share our struggles, share our learnings, and not feel alone in the journey."  


Author, Halley Harper series

BONUS #1 "Power Writing" Bootcamps

Exclusive invitations to our virtual writing bootcamps, where you can get weeks' worth of writing DONE, in just two days, even if you feel like you have NO discipline and your writing time is always pushed to the end of your to-do list 

Here's what we're going to cover in this bonus:

If you’re thinking, “You know, I really want to write this book, but I’m nervous that when push comes to shove, I won’t sit down and do the writing.” This is how I can hold your feet to the fire—in a virtual writing bootcamp, where you get writing done.

I'll guide you through how to ease into “power writing” mode, together, even if you’ve struggled with making writing a priority so that it actually gets done. When it comes to sticking to a writing plan, it's the first thing to go when something else comes up like work or kids or travel. Until you discover “power writing,” and how just a few sessions can make up for all the stalls, starts, and stops you’ve had before.

Methods for deciding what’s most important for you to write next, especially if you have other competing tasks that you’re usually doing for work, business, or other peoples’ (never-ending) projects, so that you can see progress in your writing, YOUR book.

Find out the strategies that authors use to sidestep the trap of trying to be too precise in finding the right word. Instead of spending all that time reflecting on sentence structure, lean into going with the flow of thought and seeing your book unfold so much more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Create a dedicated writing rhythm in your life that helps you to write thousands of words a week, even if you usually have to jump in and out of your writing during small pockets of time because you’re stretched thin and already have too much going on. This writing rhythm brings sanity and progress back into your writing life.

$997 per year


"I appreciate our Power Writing Bootcamps so much! I totalled 11,903 words in the last two days! SOOO good!"

 DR. TARA SANDERSON - Soon-to-Be Author (especially at this pace!)

BONUS #2 Publishing Success Template

The proven, repeatable process that takes a book from zero sales to Amazon #1s for less than $1,000 and shows our click-by-click template for you to follow with YOUR book

Here's what we're going to cover in this bonus...

See behind-the-scenes of how a self-published author who had zero book sales re-designed the title, subtitle, keywords, categories, cover design, and launch strategy to turn the SAME book into Amazon #1s with a budget of $1,000. 

How to decide whether to traditionally or self-publish or use a publishing service. What are the best and most economical ways to get a book published and make sure the book is a success when it launches?

Create a timeline and a budget for publishing your book: How long does it take? How much will it cost? What pitfalls do I need to look out for? Where do I buy an ISBN? Do I publish as an ebook and a physical book? When there is so much information on the internet and you don't know who to listen to, this is the process you can come back to as a comprehensive guide for you as you publish. 

Even if you’re not good with computers and tech, this course shows you screen-by-screen and click-by-click so that you can follow it exactly to publish and launch your own book. All the benefits of our best publishing practices, laid out for you to follow in your own publishing journey so that you can be a publishing success, with your very first or very next book launch.

Want a sneak peek at what the book before? And after we applied the Publishing Success Template?  



And what about those Amazon #1s?

Want to see how we did it? You get the entire transformation, screen-by-screen, for you to follow with your own book!



BONUS #3 Build Your Bestseller Author Platform

How to leverage little-known online marketing methods to get your book in front of EXACTLY the right audience for reviews, visibility, and buzz

Here's what we're going to cover in this bonus: 

Counterintuitive, little-known online marketing strategies that help you spread your message, build an excited community, and start a true conversation around your book. 

Three ways you can start marketing when you’re NOT yet ready to create author pages on social media, and getting the word out to your readers while you’re still writing your book.

How to find the ONLY media types that are best for you, and get an enthusiastic, “Yes, we’d love to feature you!” 

If you need to reach a very specific audience, 10 ninja ways to find where YOUR readers are, engage them in conversation, and lead them to become a raving fan base for your book. Heck, your book would sell itself if more people knew that it existed!

The ONE question you should use for asking people to give reviews in exchange for a free advance copy. (How you do this will ultimately dictate your bestseller status.)

My own (repeatedly) proven book launching plan that gets people excited about your ideas and eager to buy, review, and spread the word -- selling more books, not just during launch but for years to come. 

And much, much more...



Are YOU ready to deep dive into your novel?

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The Novel Blueprint Method Deep Dive Class: A fiction book-writing class on how to create emotionally engaging characters, sequence page-turning scenes, and bring plot lines together in surprising ways so the reader stays hooked till the end. Includes 6 modules, companion FAQ sessions, and anytime-anywhere-lifetime access. (VALUE $997)  

PLUS, Private Author's Community: 12-month access to ongoing support, feedback, and fun, to keep you motivated and on track in your writing, day-after-day, week-after-week. (VALUE $1,164) FREE

BONUS #1, "Power Writing" Bootcamps: Exclusve invitations to a full year of our virtual writer's bootcamps, where you'll get weeks worth of writing done, in just two days. (VALUE $997) FREE

BONUS #2, Publishing Success Template: The proven, repeatable process that takes a book from zero sales to Amazon #1s for less than $1,000 and shows our click-by-click template for you to follow with YOUR book. (VALUE $997) FREE

BONUS #3, Build Your Bestseller Author Platform: How to leverage little-known online marketing methods to get your book in front of EXACTLY the right audience for reviews, visibility, and buzz. (VALUE $997) FREE 


I want is to be completely zero risk for you. If you get into the course or the community or a live workshop and just think, "This isn't for me," all you do is send an email to help@paperravenbooks.com within 30 days of your purchase, ask for a refund, and we'll send you 100% of your money back to you, no questions asked.  

"Before I started this course I didn't know how to write... but with your guidance, now my writing is flowing weekly. Thank you!"

 Alexandra Anderson - Soon-to-Be Author, who started writing just months ago 


No one's author journey is exactly alike, but here's what's happened for some of our authors: 

Tracy Borgmeyer, author of the Halley Harper series for young adults, does regular book signings and science experiments with her readers, and is a highly sought-after speaker in the field of STEM for young women. 

Erin Thorp, author of Inside Out Empathy, now leads workshops, where she inspires change-makers, from the inside out.  

Farah Liz Pallaro, author of Fashion. Business. Spirituality., has her books stocked across Europe and the UK.  

Are YOU ready to deep dive into your novel?

If you’re feeling an emotional cocktail of NERVOUS + EXCITED, that’s a good sign that you are truly, finally ready to write. Let’s do this. Let's write your next novel together, right here:

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